Material Handling

Custom equipment designed to improve efficiency, minimalize injury and add value to your assembly line.

Transmission Chuter

Custom designed PLC Controlled Over/Under Chuter with build in elevators and prep station to rotate, mate and secure transfer case to transmission. This Chuter was designed & supplied with three (3) buffer stations on each level and can accommodate eight (8) trays.

Steering link Prep Chuter

Custom designed PLC Controlled Multi Level Over/Under Chuter with Elevators and Steering Link Prep. Both RH & LH tightens use pre-set auto functions to reach temp tighten of 10 Nm and release tool without T/M interaction. The project also included Fifty (50) Trays, Line Side PLC Controlled Multilevel Over/Under Chuter, and Conveyance Dolly which interacted with both Chuter systems.

RSM Conveyor

Custom designed Over/Under Power Driven PLC Controlled Chuter with Spiral Lift Elevators. The Chuter was designed with safety scanners and equipped with stations to install grommets, stabilizer bar temp tighten and two (2) buffer stations, along with six (6) RSM trays.


Rear Diff Pick and Rotate

Custom Designed Lift Assist to reach into dunnage, pick and rotate Rear Diff and place on prep Dolly. A unique feature in this design allows the hoist support to shift center of gravity to compensate for the change in orientation of the part.