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Our journey began in 1963. Business was straightforward; sell better air tools to car manufacturers. Three generations later Stak continues to be a leader in threaded fastening but our vision has diversified. We have grown from a reseller of choice to assembly engineering experts. Doing business with over 40 plants has enriched our understanding of automotive production. Our success allowed investment in quality people which strengthened our team. Today, our clients rely on Stak to make them among the most efficient in the world, saving them millions of dollars a year. We strive to exceed customer expectations and ultimately that’s what our story is really about… You.

Ed Stak founded Stak Industries Inc. in 1963. As a close friend of Hugh Whitehouse, founder of Stanley Air Tools, Ed moved his family from Cleveland to Toronto to establish the first international sales and service organization for Stanley Air Tools. In the 80’s and 90’s Les Cottam grew the business at a staggering rate and laid the foundation for our specialty in launching large projects. The company has since grown to include two businesses employing 19 people. Final Assembly Plants were the cornerstones of the business in the 1960s and remain so today.

In 2004, Stak Industries founded Third House Solutions (also located in Burlington) as a separate business unit to provide greater focus on service, engineering and integration. Stak Industries now does business with every major automotive manufacturer in Canada and the US providing ergonomic assembly solutions to the automotive market. Third House Solutions is also located in Burlington. Stak Industries enjoys a wealth of experience in numerous facets of all tiers of the motor vehicle industry. Leveraging this diverse knowledge base, Stak industries develops best practices for threaded fastening and material handling solutions, including application engineering, equipment commissioning, product launch, project management and life cycle management. Stak Industries built its reputation on being a trust worthy supplier willing to do what it takes to ensure its customers are satisfied. Without question, the two aspects of Stak Industries that have most contributed to the success of the company are people and partners.


Our sales team consists of 4 very involved and capable members. With 75+ years of experience between them, you can be assured that you are always receiving superior service.
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The engineering team sees solutions when others see problems. With the group having a collective 70 years under their belt, you are sure to be working with some of the best in the field.
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With nearly a CENTURY of experience, you can trust that the team manufacturing your product is the best for the job.
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As the ONLY Stanley Tools and Ingersoll Rand repair, certification and calibration shop in Ontario our team is the most qualified to help with whatever issue or error you may be facing.
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With over 40 years of administrative experience, the front of shop team will be able to assist you with whatever it is you may need.
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Our Team

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Donny Cottam


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Tamra cottam


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Mackenzie Cottam


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Dave Cadeau

General Manager

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Antoni Pashartis

Engineering Manager

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Alex Migone

Project Manager

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Paul Boutcher


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Marshall kovacs


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Equipment Technician

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Sefer ates

Equipment Technician

justin cadeau

Shop Assistant