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3arm Series 0-6

With 6 models available, the 3arm® series arms range in capabilities and size. All models have a wide variety of head-members and accessories to ensure you've found the perfect solution.

3arm Manipulator

The Manipulator can be equipped with a variety of specialized grippers. It is engineered to manually handle, centre and set loads of up to 55lbs in a weightless condition in any direction. The Manipulator aids the operator in precise ergonomic work handling. 28in Vert Reach • 65in Horiz Reach• Up to 110lbs

Roscomat Tapping Arms

Roscomat offers dependable, variable speed electric and pneumatic tapping arms. With a wide range of abilities and various taps these products are fully customizable to your needs.

Ingersoll Rand QTA Series

The IR QTA bench-mounted torque reaction arms are constructed of lightweight aluminum. They are available in a variety of torque capacities, ranging from 10 to 50 Nm. They include an IR spring-loaded, die-cast aluminum balancer.

3arm Encoder

The Encoder allows for precision programming of jobs that have a definite fastening position and sequence. 42in Vertical • 68in Horizontal • Up to 77lbs

Stanley Articulating & Torque Reaction Arms

The articulating arms/torque reaction arm range balances loads up to 277kg (610 lb.) and absorb toque reaction to 1,350 Nm.

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