The 3arm® solution

Series Arms

Series 0

A single tilting arm for the most simple applications. Three different arm lengths with all brake and headmember offerings available.

Series 1

Series 1 arms are capable of the most difficult operations and positions required.

Series 2

A combination radial arm and tilting arm, each capable of 360° rotation. Two arms of different length give you the ability to reach separate working areas. A range of head members options offer solutions for a wide variety of tools and devices.

Series 3

The most popular 3arm® due to versatility. Features "turning & tilting" brake locking systems (pneumatic or manual), allowing the operator to immobolize the arm in a fixed position, on all axes simultaneously or seperately.

Series 4

The innovative connections between the parts of the arm allow completely free movement - up, down and sideways. Capable of reaching the most difficult positions or work with weightless precision.

Series 6

An extendable arm with ball linear guideways attached to a pendulum base arm, both capable of 360° rotation. A compact arm that offers versatility for any type of tool. The telescopic arm allows the user to work on hard to reach areas quickly, comfortably and safely.

Head Members

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