The 3arm® Solution



Allows the full range of motion required to complete any task efficiently and safely. Permits use of hwavy tools more accurately.



Eliminates tool weight, providing not only ergonomic benefit but also increasing productivity.



Holds up to 77lbs, reducing operator fatigue and the chance of injury due to strain.

About Us

3arm® is a division of the Tecnospiro Machine Tool Company located in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Spain, a small village about 40 miles west of Barcelona. Tecnospiro is a small family owned company which has been in business since the 60s. They have a state of the art manufacturing facility and a dynamic engineering staff that is very innovative when it comes to the concept and design of new products. The 3arm® ergonomic arm is the strongest, most dependable arm available in the world market place today. It can be used for assistance in assembly, deburring, off line machining, and all types of lifting operations. Any situation in which productiviy, quality, or operator fatigue and employee safety are of concern, 3arm® has a solution.

Industries Served







Safety Warning

3arm-Canada® products are engineered and manufactured with safety in mind. The heat treat specifications exceed or meet all standards. All of the products manufactured by 3arm-Canada® are designed to perform without any unde safety issues when caution, common sense, and proper safety practices are followed. The use of cutting tools and toolholders is safe when proper application and protection guidelines are observed. Even when these proper precautions are taken, it is possible that fragments of a cutting tool, cutting material, or holding device may be thrown at a very high rate of speed and have potential to cause severe bodily harm. It is imperative that general safety precautions and safety glasses be used at all times.


3arm-Canada® arms carry a full one year warranty of the arm against manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by overloads, improper use and handling, or using the arm for anything other than its intended use. Our warranty covers labor and parts during the one year period.