Ergonomic Assembly Solutions.

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We have one goal at Stak Industries + TH Solutions. Deliver quality product while providing the best possible customer experience.  Our new facility allows us to do exactly that.

With 13,000 square feet of fully customized office and shop space, we are able to host more efficient and effective buy-offs and customer meetings and make an increased number of modifications to equipment on site.  We are also able to mimic all assembly environments including; over head gear entry, floor space for conveyors and clamshell carriers for vehicles of all sizes.  

virtual Office tour

Individual virtual tours are available.

Personalized tours are a great way to interact with our teams and see exactly how we can help you.  

virtual demonstrations

Virtual demonstration of tools and equipment

We are offering virtual demonstrations of the following products:

Stanley & Ingersoll Rand Nutrunners

Ingersoll Rand Air Balancers

Ingersoll Rand Electric Hoists

3arm Series 3 & M5 Manipulator

Roscamat Tiger Tapping Arm

Tool Talk WIth Tim

Timmy Torque will keep you both informed and entertained while talking a look at the latest tools, projects & equipment.

Learn about what we do, how we do it & why working with us will make your life easier.

Episodes released weekly!